Bob Roos

During the August 2004 Pyro workshop, my wife and I are staying at the Best Western King of Prussia hotel, Aug. 2-5.

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Reasons for attending workshop:
I am on sabbatical for the 2004-2005 academic year; my goal is to investigate ways in which robotics can be integrated into the Allegheny College computer science curriculum. I'm more interested in using robotics as a teaching device for enhancing some of our existing courses, as well as a topic for (non-major) first-year and sophomore seminar courses, but am certainly open to the possibility of introducing a course in robotics. I'm hoping to put together some sort of grant proposal during/at the end of my sabbatical year, but right now there are no specifics.

I have no previous background in robotics, apart from attending the workshop on Lego mindstorms run by Myles McNally and Frank Klassner at Alma College in November, 2003, and a tutorial on evolutionary robotics given by Dario Floreano at GECCO 2004.

Topics of particular interest to me that I would like to "connect" my robotics research into: evolutionary computation, discrete math and theory of computation, robotics topics for non-majors with no programming background, research areas appropriate for undergraduates (particularly capstone/senior project topics).

I'm open to any and all suggestions/proposals for collaborative work, campus visits (if I can afford them!), etc.