Using the Pioneer Robots at Bryn Mawr

The pioneer robots are called astro and sparko. The peoplebot robot is called electra-robot.

If you want to connect to the peoplebot, see below. To connect to the pioneer robots, you have to first log into the robot you want to use. To do this, first ssh into

ssh univac
Enter your password (same password you use to log into the lab computers). Then, once at univac, you can access the robots over univac's wireless network. Connect to the robot using the login-name: robot
ssh astro -l robot
ssh sparko -l robot
Enter the password:

Once you are logged in, run pyro

% pyro
Then, using the Servers button, specify the PlayerServer. Next, using the Robot button, specify the file

By default, the robot's motors are disabled. You should get your robot, position it in an open space away from unsuspecting standersby. Press the white button on the robot to enable the motors. Next, open the Robot menu and stick it to your desktop. Try moving the robot using different commands. Also, try and access various robot attributes and get comfortable with them.

Next, run pyrobot. Using the Robot button, load the file Now you are connected to the robot.

Once you are logged onto a robot and have tested that you can connect to it you are ready to try out a brain. Run the scp command to copy your brain program from the lab machines to the robot:

Make sure your programs have your initials in the name (replace the XXX in the above example) so as not to confuse/overwrite someone else's brains.