Pyro Curriculum

Overall learning goals

The goal of Pyro is to make topics in robotics and AI easy to explore. By making robotics and AI accessible, we hope that many more students and teachers will find this facinating field one that they, too, can explore and make novel contributions to. There are many steps along this path. Each module begins with a specific set of goals, and expectations.

Course examples

The curricular materials below can be used in many different ways, in a variety of courses. You can see examples on the PyroCurriculumExamples page.


DIY Documentation

Pyro Modules Table of Contents


  1. PyroModuleIntroduction

  2. PyroModuleObjectOverview

  3. PyroModulePythonIntro

  4. PyroModuleDirectControl

  5. PyroModuleSequencingControl

  6. PyroModuleBehaviorBasedControl

  7. PyroModuleReinforcementLearning

  8. PyroModuleNeuralNetworks

  9. PyroModuleEvolutionaryAlgorithms

  10. PyroModuleComputerVision

  11. PyroModuleMapping

  12. PyroModuleMultirobot

  13. FurtherReading

Additional Resources

  1. PyroIndex

  2. PyroAdvancedTopics

  3. PyroUserManual

  4. [WWW]Pyro Tutorial Movies

Reference: PyroSiteNotes