SVN is the new CVS

1. SVN Access

If you would like to check out Pyrobot (or any other package hosted at Bryn Mawr College) you can:

svn co pyrobot

2. Developer Notes

This section is for those people that are developing the code for the Pyro Robotics system. To use this infomation, you'll need an ID and password for the SVN server at Bryn Mawr College. To get these, you'll need be one of the following:

If one of those is true, email for your ID and password.

3. Using SVN

To browse the SVN repository, or see what projects are available, go to:

3.1. Checking out the files

You need only check out the files once. After that you need only update them. This step will create a directory called pyrobot in the current directory.

Developers can check out the code like this:

svn co pyrobot