Pyro for Beginners

These are some suggestions for getting beginners (especially non-programmers) quickly going in Pyro:

  1. Create an icon so that one can start Pyro by double-clicking

  2. Change default editor from emacs to, say, gedit: export EDITOR=gedit

  3. Use "My Copy" in file dialog window (makes student copy)

Feel free to add to this list.

Pyro Modules Table of Contents


  1. PyroModuleIntroduction

  2. PyroModuleObjectOverview

  3. PyroModulePythonIntro

  4. PyroModuleDirectControl

  5. PyroModuleSequencingControl

  6. PyroModuleBehaviorBasedControl

  7. PyroModuleReinforcementLearning

  8. PyroModuleNeuralNetworks

  9. PyroModuleEvolutionaryAlgorithms

  10. PyroModuleComputerVision

  11. PyroModuleMapping

  12. PyroModuleMultirobot

  13. FurtherReading

Additional Resources

  1. PyroIndex

  2. PyroAdvancedTopics

  3. PyroUserManual

  4. [WWW]Pyro Tutorial Movies

Reference: PyroSiteNotes