1. PyroImage

This page documents PyroImage, the main image class in Pyro.

This class has methods to do standard vision processing: blob detection and tracking, convolution, etc.

See pyrobot/vision/ for many examples.

from import *

Classes and Methods:

class PyroImage:
   def loadFromFile(filename):
   def saveToFile(filename):
   def shrink(self, xscale=0.5, yscale='unset', mode='average'):
   def getShrunkenImage(self, xscale=0.5, yscale='unset', mode='average'):
   def grayScale(self):
   def getGrayScale(self):
   def getColorFilter(self, r, g, b):
   def display(self):
   def set(self, x, y, val, offset = 0):
   def setVal(self, x, y, val):
   def get(self, x, y, offset = 0):
   def getVal(self, x, y):
   def reset(self, vector):
   def resetToColor(self,r,g,b):
   def incr(self, x, y, offset = 0):
   def cropPixels(self, l, t='unset', r='unset', b='unset'):
   def getBitmap(self, cutoff, cutoff2='unset', mode='brightness'):
   def histogram(self, cols = 20, rows = 20, initvals = 0):
   def convolve(self, convmask, bit = 0, threshold = 0):
   def swapPlanes(self, plane1, plane2):

class Histogram(PyroImage):
   def display(self):
   def compare(self, hist):

class Bitmap(PyroImage):
   def display(self):
   def avgColor(self, img):

class Point:
   def set(self, x, y):
   def setx(self, x):
   def sety(self, y):
   def clear(self):

class Blob:
   def addpixel(self, pixel):
   def joinblob(self, other):
   def width(self):
   def height(self):
   def area(self):
   def density(self):
   def display(self):

class Blobdata:
   def sort(self, mode="mass"):
   def display(self):