1. Pyro on Mac OSX Systems

1.1. Pyrobot

Pyrobot should work "out of the box" on OSX. Here is my setup of Apple software:

Tiger Update -- my new setup:

Additionally, you should install the following (in this order):

Now, you should be able to follow the usual install instructions for Pyrobot. You can run the "pyrobot" executable at the Mac command prompt.

1.2. Fink

Download and install [WWW]Fink. This provides you with an ncurses based installer for many common Unix applications on your Mac. Note: this is somewhat broken in Tiger as I'm sure many of the packages are still being ported. Run the dselect command and choose to install the following applications:
1.2.1. "Optional Packages"
1.2.2. "Unclassified Packages"

1.3. wxPython

This is required for Gazebo's GUI. A Mac-native version can be downloaded [WWW]here.

1.4. Gazebo

Follow the instructions [WWW]here to install Gazebo on Mac. If it gets to the end of the build and throws an error that the linker (ld) doesn't recognize the --export-dynamic option, use this [WWW]Makefile as a replacement for server/Makefile.

1.5. Player

You should be able to install Player following the instructions given with the standard Pyro installation (if not the CVS source, use the latest released source). Player will use many of the dependencies installed by Fink.

1.6. Stage

As with Player, Stage also compiles fine with the provided instructions (if not the CVS source, use the latest released source). However, there is a particular library ( with the distributed RPM that does not seem to get built with the Stage source code. This missing library prevents the stage simulator from working properly.

1.7. Future Endeavors

Things I am/will be trying:

I welcome all feedback.

-Jim Weir

1.8. More Detailed Install Instructions

I had trouble with the above instructions at the "Now, you should be able to follow the usual install instructions for Pyrobot" stage. Some email w/Doug Blank helped. I detail what I did at [WWW] This install provides only the basics (pyrobot simulator, various machine learning modules). If you've been able to install modules that rely on SWIG, I'd love to hear how you modified the install procedure so that it doesn't crash.

1.9. Another Problems After Install

If you have error message looks like:

Traceback (most recent call last):

NameError: name 'e' is not defined

To fix this problem, you must open file: "bin/pyrobot" with text editor and delete first line: " -e #!/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.5/bin/python2.5" Then you must open file: "System/" and also delete first line whitch begins with "-e". Thats all. I hope it will help you.