1. Using the Swarthmore College Pioneer Robot

The robot is on a private network (ethernet addresses 10.0.0.*), which is accessible from the machine called water. The robot's computer is called sugar.

To use the Pioneer robot do the following:

  1. Plug in the wireless access point that is sitting next to water's monitor, and wait a few minutes for the lights to turn green.

  2. Power on the robot.

  3. Power on the robot's computer.

  4. After about 2 minutes (or listen for a quick double beep), you should be able to connect to the robot from water: ssh sugar-wireless

  5. The robot's computer is running linux. There's a demo program you can run to test the motors and sensors: /usr/local/bin/demo

When you're finshed with the robot, the following should be done to shut it down: sudo /sbin/shutdown -h now It will ask you for your password, then wait until you hear three quick beeps to turn off the computer, and then the main power.

Other useful tips: