1. Pyro Remotely

Working with Pyro on the robot, or over a network? Here are some hints.

The installation should go exactly the same as a regular install. And, if you should be able to run Pyro exactly the same way as before.

However, one probably won't want to run it with the fancy gui: either because the robot's hardware is less than a hefty workstation, or you are logged in over ssh over wireless.

For those situations, you'll probably want to start pyro up with one of the alternative GUI's, like so:

pyro -g tty
That will start pyro with a console interface. (There is also a "-g tk" flag for a simple graphic window, and the start of a curses one, too) Then enter:
load robot
At which point you will enter:

Next, just like in the regular GUI, you need to load a brain:

load brain

then enter the name of the brain you wish to run, for example:


Finally, run the program with:


To exit, in the same terminal window type:

even if you can't see what you are typing. For additional commands, type "help".

A shortcut for all of that is to start Pyro up like:

pyro -g tty -r Aria -b BBWander


  1. start up a simulator or a real robot

  2. start up pyro with no GUI (pyro -g tty)

  3. add the brain and robot to command line to keep from retyping robot and brain (pyro -b BBGoto -r Aria -g tty)

  4. type 'run' to begin running the brain

  5. type 'stop' and then 'quit' to exit

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