Robocup Soccer Installation

This installation is very easy. We currently support Robocup Soccer Simumator, version 9.3.7.

Here is a brief description of how to install it:

  1. download [WWW]rcsoccersim-9.3.7.tar.gz

  2. untar the file tar xfz rcsoccersim-9.3.7.tar.gz

  3. configure it cd rcsoccersim-9.3.7; ./configure 

  4. make it make

  5. install it as root su -c"make install"

That's it! Pyro should find the programs in the path, and run them with out any problems.

Pyro Modules Table of Contents


  1. PyroModuleIntroduction

  2. PyroModuleObjectOverview

  3. PyroModulePythonIntro

  4. PyroModuleDirectControl

  5. PyroModuleSequencingControl

  6. PyroModuleBehaviorBasedControl

  7. PyroModuleReinforcementLearning

  8. PyroModuleNeuralNetworks

  9. PyroModuleEvolutionaryAlgorithms

  10. PyroModuleComputerVision

  11. PyroModuleMapping

  12. PyroModuleMultirobot

  13. FurtherReading

Additional Resources

  1. PyroIndex

  2. PyroAdvancedTopics

  3. PyroUserManual

  4. [WWW]Pyro Tutorial Movies

Reference: PyroSiteNotes