The Blob Interface for Player/Stage

The Blob Interface

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Loading a blob camera will automatically start the service if it is not already running, and will place the camera device on the current robot:


See pyrobot/camera/blob/ for further details.

The Blob Camera Interface

Below you will find the details of the Framegrabber interface, along with a fake camera that takes a directory of PPM images and displays them as if they were coming from a camera.

In addition, there is an interface that takes the blob interface and turns it back into a frame-based image representation. Why would we want to do this bizarre thing? Two reasons:

First, blobs are a good way of abstracting out relevant information from a complex image. However, a list of blobs may not be a good representation of the blobs. This interface turns a list of blob data into a width x height pixel-based representation. This might be a more appropriate representation for a neural network, for example.

Another reason to have such an interface is when the blobs don't come from a real image. This is true in the Player/Stage simulator. The simulator skips the framegrabber level and jumps directly to the list of blobs. The BlobCamera interface allows the Stage simulator to have a simulated camera.

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