Using the Pioneer Robot

Running your robot brains on the robots

First you must log onto the robot itself and copy the brain program you'd like to run onto the robot. The details of how to do this depend on the site:

To run your programs on the Pioneer Robots:

  1. Run pyrobot on the robot.

  2. Connect to the robot.

  3. Load the brain file.

  4. Place the robot where it needs to be.

  5. Select "Run" to start the brain.

  6. Press the white button on the robot to enable the motors.

  7. To stop the robot, click on the stop button in Pyro or disable the motors by using the white button on the robot.

  8. Sometimes when you exit from pyrobot, the robot may not turn off all of its sensors properly. You can do this manually by pressing the red "Reset" button on the robot.

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