[Pyro-users] mac os x install issues / observations / questions

belinda thom bthom at cs.hmc.edu
Mon Nov 13 19:59:38 EST 2006


I've gotten pyro running on my G5 Mac (10.4.8 w/gcc 4.0.1). This  
success was in part due to answering "no" to all the options asked  
about in python configure.py. In other words: I can only run the  
Pyrobot simulator. Details of how to manually install pyrobot are not  
on the install pages, so I'll describe what I did. I've also have  
couple unresolved issues which I'm hoping other Mac/Pyro users might  
have ideas about.

DYING: There have been multiple times I've had to kill X11 b/c  
pyrobot seems to freeze up. Usually, this is in conjunction with  
trying to load a new simulator, brain, robot, etc. I'm still unclear  
about what order things must be done in---I'm very likely misusing  
something---but regardless, the system shouldn't just die. (Tip: I  
recently installed macport's carbon-based version of Xemacs, so at  
least I don't have to restart my heavy-weight editor each time.)

SWIG: this software is required for some pyro options that utilize C  
code (e.g. SOM). On the Mac, makefiles that use swig need to be  
modified (e.g. Unix-style gcc compiler flags like -shared aren't  
supported). I found more info on SWIG for Macs at: http:// 
www.dabeaz.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?SwigFaqMaxOSXSharedLibraries. Even w/ 
this info, I was not able to run that page's simple Tcl/wrapper  
example (rather than running, using Apple's /usr/bin/tclsh to run fact 
(24) aborted via an error). If you've had success using SWIG on your  
Mac I'd really like to talk with you!

STDLIB.H: I ran into problems (when compiling w/the SOM option) b/c  
the setprogname in fileio.h/c conflicts with stdlib.h on Mac OS X.

1) Once you've unpacked pyro, type "python configure.py" in the  
directory where you've unpacked pyro to. On Mac OS X, configure.py  
works for the most part, but don't believe what it recommends to you  
for a version number (you might get the right path names for other  
queried values, but this is not guaranteed). Assuming you've  
downloaded python24 from macports and you've got Apple's version of  
X11 installed, you'd enter 2.4 (version), /opt/local/bin/python  
(location to binary), /opt/local/include/python2.4 (python include  
path), the /usr/X11R6/include (X11 include path).  For all the  
options, I answered "no"

Tip: 10.4.8 comes with both tcl/tk and python, so in principle you  
shouldn't need to install either to run pyro on your Mac. In the very  
least, you'll need py-tkinter, and you'll probably want py-numeric.

Tip: regarding BSD-for-Mac installs, going thru one provider (e.g.  
macports) made life much easier than installing things individually.  
macports supports many of the things you'd need to run stage, gazebo,  
etc. (SWIG-related issues might cause build problems, though.)

2) type "make clean" and "make". This should finish off your install.

3) open X11 and open an xterm.

4) from the directory where you ran make, type "bin/pyrobot". I leave  
the xterm open and don't run the command in the background so I have  
access to various text that pyro logs to this "device" (e.g. help,  
warning msgs).

Hope this is helpful.


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